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AWS Certified Solutions Architect

I recently passed the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam. This certification allows me to prove my knowledge of the cloud and be able to help companies who are using or will be using AWS cloud services as their cloud provider. For more information about AWS Certification, please visit the official site here:

Initially used by developers and start-up companies, AWS has grown into a solid and robust cloud services provider. Big enterprises are realizing the value of AWS and more and more companies are extending their data centers to the cloud. For most companies, traditional on premises infrastructure may not be sufficient anymore as business users demand more from IT, including faster and scalable IT services.

Getting AWS-certified requires hard work. You need to read the book, enroll in a training class (if possible), do practice tests and get hands-on experience in AWS. In addition, you should also have a working knowledge of networking, virtualization, database, storage, servers, scripting / programming and software applications. IT professionals should invest their skills in the cloud or run the risk of being obsolete.