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New Book: Principles of Marketing

Principles of Marketing

Authors: Emmanuel F. Ligaya, Violeta Jerusalem, Marjueve Palencia, Jonas Palencia

ISBN: 978-6219560962
Year Published: 2017
Language: English
No. of pages: 256
Size: 7×10 in

About this book:

This book deals with the principles and practices in marketing goods and services. It focuses on the development of integrated marketing programs, including the use of social media, that will help grow businesses. This book is for Grade 11 or 12.


Chapter 1: Marketing Principles and Strategies
Chapter 2: Customer Relationship: Customer Service
Chapter 3: Market Opportunity Analysis and Consumer Analysis
Chapter 4: Developing the Marketing Mix
Chapter 5: Managing the Marketing Effort (The Marketing Process)
Chapter 6: Workshop and Presentation of Marketing Plan

Please contact me if your school is interested to review this textbook for possible adoption.

Publisher and distributor: Fastbook Educational Supply, Inc.,1227 Instruccion, Brgy 514, Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines; Tel +(02) 516 2585; Email