New Book: Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

We have released the textbook “Business Ethics and Social Responsibility – Concepts, Principles, and Practices of Ethical Standards

Authors: Violeta Jerusalem, Marjueve Palencia, Jonas Palencia

ISBN: 978-6219560900
Year Published: 2017
Language: English
No. of pages: 304
Size: 7×10 in

About this book:

The book deals with the fundamental concepts, principles, and practices of ethical standards in the business environment.  It combines the theoretical foundations of setting up business enterprises with the conduct of entrepreneurial activities in the context of one’s accountability and social responsibility. This book is for Grade Level 12.


Introduction – Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

Unit 1 – The Role of Business in Social and Economic Development
Chapter 1 – Nature and Forms of Business Organizations
Chapter 2 – Purposes on Establishing Business Enterprises
Chapter 3 – Core Principles in Business Operations
Chapter 4 – Common Practices in Business

Unit 2- Foundations of the Principles of Business Ethics
Chapter 5 – The Classical Philosophies and the Implications on Business Principles and Practices
Chapter 6 – The Impact of Belief Systems in the Business Setting
Chapter 7 – The Filipino Value System and its Effects on Business

Unit 3 – Social Responsibility of Entrepreneurs
Chapter 8 – The Responsibilities and Accountabilities of Entrepreneurs
Chapter 9 – Major Ethical Issues in Entrepreneurship
Chapter 10 – Models and Frameworks of Social Responsibility in the Practice of Sound Business

Unit 4 – Business Beyond Profit Motivation
Chapter 11 – The Importance of Doing Business Beyond Profit Motivation
Chapter 12 – The Notion of Social Enterprises
Chapter 13 – Action Plan to Practice Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

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