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How to Restore from Replicated Data

When the primary backup server goes down due to hardware error, a site disaster, or other causes, the only way to restore is via the replicated data, assuming the backup server was configured to replicate to a DR (Disaster Recovery) or secondary site.

In Avamar, replicated data is restored from the REPLICATE domain of the target Avamar server. All restores of replicated data are directed restores, because from the point of view of the Avamar target server, the restore destination is a different machine from the original one.

The procedure to restore files and directories are:

  1. Re-register and activate the server to the Avamar replication target server.
  2. Perform file/directory restore.
    • Select the data that you want to restore from the replicated backups for the clients within the REPLICATE domain
    • Select Actions > Restore Now
    • On the Restore Options window, notice that the only destination choice is blank so that a new client must be selected
    • Click Browse and select a client and destination from among the listed clients. Note that these clients are clients that are activated with the target server and are not under the REPLICATE domain.

If the Windows or UNIX/Linux server was part of the disaster, then the way to restore data is to build a new server first, then follow the procedure above to restore files and directories to that server. The other way is to perform a bare metal restore which is supported by Avamar on Windows 2008 and above.