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Enterprise File Sync and Share

Due to increased usage of mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, tablet, etc) in the enterprise, the need for a platform where employees can synchronize files between their various devices is becoming a necessity. In addition, they need a platform where they can easily share files both inside and outside of the organization. Some employees have been using this technology unbeknownst to the IT department. The popular file sync and share cloud-based app dropbox has been very popular in this area. The issue with these cloud-based sync-and-share apps is that for corporate data that are sensitive and regulated, it can pose a serious problem to the company.

Enterprises must have a solution in their own internal data center where the IT department can control, secure, protect, backup, and manage the data. IT vendors have been offering these products over the last several years. Some examples of enterprise file sync are share are: EMC Syncplicity, Egnyte Enterprise File Sharing, Citirx Sharefile, and Accellion Kiteworks.

A good enterprise file sync and share application must have the following characteristics:

1. Security. Data must protected from malware and it must be encrypted in transit and at rest. The application must integrate with Active Directory for authentication and there must be a mechanism to remote lock and/or wipe the devices.
2. Application and data must be supported via WAN acceleration, so users do not perceive slowness.
3. Interoperability with Microsoft Office, Sharepoint, and other document management system.
4. Support for major endpoint devices (Android, Apple, Windows).
5. Ability to house data internally and in the cloud.
6. Finally, the app should be easy to use. Users’ files should be easy to access, edit, share, and restore, or else people will revert back to cloud-based apps that they find super easy to use.